Wednesday, 5 January 2011

2011 already!

Where did the year go?

It appears that I am writing progressively fewer posts each year; last year I posted only 50 times, less than one post per week! I shall have to try to reverse that trend. The excuse I gave myself was that I did less stitching in 2010 and therefore had less to write about. A quick review of my year shows that I actually stitched far more than I’d thought. Below are the projects that I finished during the past 12 months; two of them, Himotaba and Edward, where started the previous year.

Valentine travelling page

Edward Scissor Fish
Dragonfly scissorcase

Drooping Cherry Tree fan
Snowflake travelling page
Blue bead necklace
Black bead necklace
Green bead necklace

Loving Couple
Christmas Card/ornament
Beaded bead necklace

There were a few more completed projects that I have not blogged for some reason, mainly pages for the Travelling Books.

Below are projects that I have begun and hope to complete (or at least progress) in 2011 and some projects that I hope to start.

Embroidery Bridge Between East and West. I can hardly believe that I began this piece in November 2007. Admittedly, I’ve stitched mainly during shows but I had planned to move it up on my to-do list and perhaps complete it this year!
Poppy Pouch – I’ve complete on side of the bag and begun (just) side 2
Double Cherry Blossoms fan – I did the gold leafing in a workshop with Midori, I have yet to begin the embroidery
Floral Melody (Phase IV Japanese bead embroidery) – I have had one class on this phase but want to complete Poppy Pouch before going on with it.
Floral Glove – started then I hit a snag. Thistle Threads have sent some new piece of linen so I can start again.
Goldwork master class – This class has been running for 8 months but I have yet to look at the first lesson!
Travelling Pages – I still 'owe' several people pages in this swap, 2 are in progress.
Travelling Books – despite my best efforts, I could not resist joining in this swap between members of the Oxford branch of the Embroiderer’s Guild
Japanese Embroidery, Phase VII – I have booked my place on the March course in Bournemouth and practically wriggle with excitement whenever I think about it. I must not wish my life away but I so look forward to my week of Japanese Embroidery every spring. Phase VII is, in my view, the most difficult. I don’t convince myself that I can’t do it even before I have tried but this phase teaches long and short stitch and I find LSS amazingly difficult to do. I hope that my tutors can help me finally come to grips with this stitch but I am not at all confident about it.

I am also seriously considering an entry for the Embroiderer’s Guild Members Competition. I have the germ of an idea but it needs fleshing out. I also need to consider if I have time for what I have in mind or if I can adapt the design to be less time consuming!

I dare say that I will be tempted by one or two more things throughout the year and some of this list will fall by the way side but for now, that is what I have in mind for 2011.

Happy Stitching and Happy New Year.


Elizabeth Braun said...

You have the opposite phenomenon to me - I stitched even less than I'd thought - only 3 pieces!=)

Here's hoping this year will be more productive (I think it will, I've found a working method and theory that should help, seee next post for details....).

All the best to you and yours this year, E=)

Angelcat said...

Looks like you will be keeping yourself busy with all those lovely projects this year, and if you're anything like me a few more things will evenyually creep on to the list as you see new things that you just can't resist.

Your work is always so beautiful, I can't wait to see your pieces come to life :)

Plays with Needles said...

Ok. First off, I too signed up for the goldwork master class and have yet to look at the first lesson!! Maybe we could come up with a strategy of every Friday we'll work through a lesson...we could start Feb 1? I didn't really plan to stitch the sampler but I would like to at least read all the lessons and find out what the heck I'm paying all that money for. You would hold me accountable...

As for your dreams, I think you should absolutely enter the member competition. You are a very talented embroiderer. Go for it!! Carpe diem!

As for Phase VII--- I did the pansies and it was one of my favorite pieces. I liked the challenge of choosing my own colors for the pansies and the stitching became quite rhythmic after a while...just like couching. The pansies are large enough and the piece is big enough that you can really get good at it through repetition..thats the point! You'll rock it out.

BTW I totally love that double cherry blossoms fan so I vote you work on that sooner than later. In case you're asking....Happy stitcing dear friend, Susan

Rachel said...

You probably already know many of the early Goldwork Masterclass stitches, so I don't think you'll find it hard to catch up when you start.

I've done much more embroidery than usual and I am hoping that the trend will continue!