Monday, 31 January 2011

Setting Goals

I have a difficult relationship with time. I’ve never been able to manage it, keep track of it, or make best use of it. If times marches on then time and I march to a completely different beat.

To me time is erratic and unpredictable when logic tells me it should be constant and measurable. When I think that I have plenty of time, it speeds away from me, hence, I am always behind time. Time is the bane of my life.

I’ve been thinking about how I can make more time for embroidery, particularly my Japanese embroidery and beading. In the past, I have devised many plans for managing my time more efficiently but none have worked for me. I think it is time to take a different approach. Rather than focus on time, I am going to get SMART. I am going to get myself some goals that are Specific – Measurable – Achievable – Relevant – Time-bound.

I am going to start with four goals for February based around my four Japanese embroidery frames.

Loving Couple is on the first frame. This is my largest frame and the one I prefer to use for my Phase pieces. I have finished the stitching but need to do the finishing. I can then mount Loving Couple ready for the framers. I want to complete this by the end of February.

© JEC/Carol-Anne Conway

Embroidery Bridge Between East and West is on the second frame and has been for over 3 years. I am getting together with some friends this weekend for an embroidery weekend. I am going to do some stitching on Bridge. I won’t be able to finish it this month but would like to complete it this year.

© JEC/Carol-Anne Conway

Poppy Pouch is on my third frame. This is my main project at the moment. I have been doing a little nearly every day and it is steadily progressing. I have now done all of the couching on side two and can now move onto the flowers. I would like to finish Poppy Pouch by the end of February. This may be a little tight but if I continue to do a little each day, I think that it is achievable.

© JEC/Carol-Anne Conway

My fourth frame is less substantial than the others. At the moment I have my Phase IV beading on it but I think that the eventual weight of the beads may be a problem. When Poppy Pouch is finished, I will transfer Floral Melody to frame 3. I would like to use this frame for projects that take less stitching time. I will probably start with the Double Cherry Blossoms fan.

© JEC/Carol-Anne Conway

I have other things on the go but don’t intend to set goals for those just yet. I want to see how I get on with these main objectives first. I plan to do a progress report and monthly objectives at the beginning of each month.

Happy Stitching


Christine said...

I've done one Japanese Beading project, and it took SO LONG to complete. It seemed much longer than Japanese Embroidery takes. But, it was relaxing, and I love using the eyeglass case I made. The Poppy piece you're doing is one of my favorites. Congratulations on setting goals, I often think I should do that, but never do. Instead I have a STABLE (STitching Above and Beyond Life Expectancy).

Plays with Needles said...

Maybe you should have a relationship with time rather than let yourself get beat up by time. Learn to breathe in time with time itself...

Maybe time isn't something linear or something to be managed...maybe time knows that the journey is more important than the output...

Maybe it's not what you do with your time...but how well you relate to time...

Whatever you get done this month...make sure you enjoy it.

OK. I'll step down off of my soap box.

xo Susan

P.S. I teach what i most need to learn...

Angelcat said...

I'd never get anything done if I didn't set myself little goals for each month. The trick then becomes not to beat yourself up too much if you don't manage to meet them all. Got to keep focused on the achievements :)