Thursday, 23 December 2010

Beaded bead necklace

I heard about The Oxford Bead Shop a while ago but did not get around to looking them up until a couple of weekends ago. I went in search of them because I wanted to make a necklace to go with a new little black dress that I had brought. I had an idea of what I wanted to make and the shop happened to have a kit that closely matched my idea. The beads in the kit leant a little more towards silver than black but with Any's help I selected some substitute beads that were more in line with the look I wanted to achieve.

The instructions in the kit were easy to follow but the method was a little fiddly. Three hands would have been useful. Even so, I was able to make the beaded bead in one longish evening.

Turning it into a beaded necklace was a piece of cake, or it would have been had I not dropped one end of the necklace while trying it for size and scattering beads all over the bedroom floor!

Now, Jon would never forgive me if I didn't tell you that he helped me gather up all of the scattered beads and then rethreaded them for me :-)

Happy Stitching


Sue said...

Beautiful, Poppy Bag??? LOL Sue N XX

Radka said...

Very pretty! Oh, and well done Jon:)) Best wishes for 2011!

Plays with Needles said...

God bless Jon...So where's the pic of you wearing the dress AND the necklace? I love that beaded bead! Happy New Year friend!

Rachel said...

That's a real cracker of a beaded bead. And as Radka said - Well done, Jon!