Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Have you Seen my Mojo?

July has been a very strange month for me; I have barely lifted a needle. I’m not ill, I’m not injured. My stitching mojo has simply deserted me – temporarily I hope. I have read on many blogs of this happening to others, so I know that it is a fairly common phenomenon and I am trying not to let frustration get the better of me but I WANT MY MOJO BACK!

I completed one quick and easy beading project very early in the month. While in Amsterdam, I visited my favourite bead shop and made a necklace and earrings (with a great deal of help from the assistant).

I selected the Venetian glass beads to go with a new skirt.

I have been dabbling with another small project but progress has been very slow and patchy.

Nearly half way through August and I am still in the stitching dull drums. If you happen to see my mojo, tell him I miss him and please come home.

Happy Stitching


Christine said...

Origami gives me my stitching mojo back.

Elizabeth Braun said...

I've found the following true:

If I try to force myself to be interested in something, I get less interested in it. As soon as I gave myself permission to no longer be interested, I found myself wanted to get involved again.

The lesson? The less you stress yourself about it, the more likely you are to want to stitch again.=) Do something else until you want to embroider again.

deepa said...

Try reading a good book (a romance?? ) for a while.It takes your mind off stitching and not being able to stitch.
The chain and ear rings ae beautiful.

Rachel said...

Try painting for a while - something different, but which can be absorbing. You'll soon find your fingers itching to hold a needle again!

coral-seas said...

Thank you for your suggestions, they are all good ones.

At first I thought that I had burnt out working so intensively on Riches. I thought that after a rest my fingers would soon be itching to pick up a needle again.

I've picked up various books that I've wanted to read only to put them back down again.

I started to gather supplies to spend a fun day making fabric paper (or is it paper fabric). Then wandered off and did nothing with it.

I cut out fabric to make a frame carrier that I've been meaning to do for months. That's still on the dining room table waiting for the next step.

I know it is a passing phase, I just wish that it would hurry up and pass.

Anonymous said...

I think you need a weekend with friends and spend it stitching or looking at amazing books. We can chat about about what we want to stitch next and other things :-))) Sue XX

Mary Corbet said...

Mmmmmm. I've been there many a time, Carol-Anne - it usually follows after finishing a big project or two, and then suddenly finding myself at loose ends, without the pressure to "finish" this thing or that thing... and having too many things that I could do.... and nothing really grabbing my attention.

Let's see - what has gotten me out of those situations? Once, it was deciding to stitch something (relatively small) for a gift for a friend, with a deadline of a going away present.

Once, it was deciding to do a step-by-step how-to project for the blog.

For me, it usually has to be something I'm doing for someone else, and something that has some kind of pressure or deadline attached to it. Then, I get "forced" into it, and once in (and once the difficult parts over, like setting up, etc.) then I find myself enjoying it.

I know how you feel, and I hope you get it back soon!

Jane said...

We'll search for it when you're in Manchester (maybe it's gone off with my JE text book which is also AWOL)

Nice beads!

Possibilities, Etc. said...

This is a common complaint at the present time! I find if I just give myself a day off, I get lots more done. The lack of interest can be worrisome, but it will pass, I'm sure. I call the doldrums, after meeting a deadline,"PPD" - post project depression. An excursion through the countryside or a walk on the beach is usually the remedy.

Christine said...

It's been helpful reading everyone else's experiences/tips. I guess another thing I do is to 'let' myself listen to a good podcast or radio show while I stitch, and this gives me some impetus to work again. Another good thing is to do some of the pre-work for future projects, like finding photos in my books. I have my own Jap Embr class today, and am a little sad because I did not even start to tackle a part I'd hoped to have done by today. Oh well, I have lots of time until November gets here, when I have to be done with my Phase IX so I can go to Phase X class! Good luck!

Christine said...

@Mary Corbet - I'm sure you've done a blog post yourself on this very topic, right?