Wednesday, 9 January 2008

You Make My Day

I have been tagged by Hideko, Elizabeth and Melissa for the Make My Day Award. Thank you, ladies; I am flattered that you included me in your lists.

The Rules are to "Give up to 10 people whose blog brings you happiness & inspiration and makes you feel happy about Blogland." Beware! You may get the Award several times! Let them know by posting a note on their blog so they can pass it on. As others have found, it is a difficult task to hone my list of favourite blogs down to just 10 but here goes, in no particular order.

At the risk of making this sound like a mutual appreciation society I am sending the award straight back to all three of you.

Hideko of Wind from the East was the first blog I found and started visiting regularly. Her stitching is so pretty and I adore her use of colour.

I discovered Elizabeth’s blog Quieter Moments through TAST and have found her stitch explorations fascinating. I am really please that Elizabeth will continue exploring stitches and blogging her findings for us.

Melissa has only been embroidering for approximately 18 months and blogging for about the same time. Her enthusiasm for embroidery is delightful and she generously shares all she has learnt on Honey Bee’s Bliss.

I’m not sure how I found Allie’s blog, I expect I followed a link from another blog. I can’t remember how many times I’ve read "Do take a look at her wonderful quilts on Allie’s in Stitches" or something similar. As much as I love flowers, at first I didn’t get Allie’s quilts but over time they have really grown on me. Stunning work and a fascinating blog.

Again, I’m not sure how I found Judy’s blog, Possibilities, etc, but I think it was something to do with Allie’s. It was Judy’s needlepoint interpretation of Allie’s crazy quilting that first got me hooked.

There are so many reasons not to miss Mary’s Needle’n’thread; the video stitch library, masses of information and, of course, her stunning embroidery.

Nuido - A Student's Journey
is a fairly new blog and the only one I know of dedicated to Japanese Embroidery. Jane is passionate about JE and freely shares all she has learned about her craft. Jane is an exquisite and prolific stitcher.

The Beaded Journal Project is made up of 241 women and 1 man who are dedicated and committed to creating 12 bead journal pages, one per month, for a year. I couldn’t pick one individual bead artist from their number so have included the project’s blog.

Pat Winter’s blog is certainly worthy of inclusion in any blog but I want to include her spin off blog Comfort Dolls Project. Seeing the dolls that so many textile artists have made and donated to this project really does make my day.

Finally, I want to include a blog that currently has me gripped, The Embroiderer’s Story. The Plimoth Plantation are recreating a 17th Century Embroidered Jacket, and watching it progress would be reason enough to follow this blog but the information about the research behind the project and the development of materials is fascinating.

So there you have it, just 10 of the many blogs that make me happy and make my day!

Happy Stitching


matilda said...

hallo coral-seas, grazie per i tuoi commenti. non ho ben capito tutto, a ti ringrazio per la visita. ti dedico un post sul mio blog.
ciao matilda

hallo coral-seas, thanks for your comments. I have not very understood all, but I say thanks to you for come to see mine I dedicate to you a post. hello matilda
(excuse my ugly English)

Mary Corbet said...

Aw, shucks, thanks, Carol-Anne!! You do realize you're going to get the tag straight back again? I only read a few blogs with irregular regularity (far less than 10, I'm afraid...!) and yours is one of 'em!! I'm always playing catch up on Saturday morning...

I feel like a heel - your tag comment showed up late on my website - so my replies to your comment are out of order, and it looks really weird, like I'm some snotty little brat. "Good idea!" That was in reference to your NEEDLE suggestion! Aaaack. One of those embarrassing blogging moments.

Thanks, again, CA ... you made my day!