Sunday, 13 January 2008

January TIF - Stitching 2

I started stitching the outer part of the design with the lavender (211) but the stitches were barely visible, so I removed them and started again with the darker mauve (333), I like the way the colour intensifies where the stitches double up around the inner motif.

Again, the colours changed when I added the dark green (520) stitching. The stitches are exactly the same as the inner motif - 2 over, 2 under - but their position is shifted to create a different pattern. I find it interesting that this area looks more densely stitched than the centre even though the coverage is exactly the same.

Happy Stitching


Debra Spincic said...

Looking very lovely! What is this stitching called? I am thinking something like hucking done on towels? maybe?

Mary Corbet said...

Nice!! I'm falling behind on this already!! You've inspired me to get going and make progress!!

And I love your website header!

Sue said...

Hi Carole love your stitching and your header. Happy stitching Sue

Jacqui said...

Don't your eyes cross as you do this?

Seriously this reminds of the work of British Constructivist Art such as Kenneth Martin and Mary Martin.

Deepa said...

I admire your patience and perseverence,Carol.If I were in your place may be I wouldn't have redone the whole thing as you've.But that was in the past(before knowing about you),now I'm learning to 'think' about my work ,many thanks to you.

Pat said...

Thank you for the comment, I greatly "admire":-) what you are doing here (I am very bad at neat) I found your thought process for the piece fascinating. Isn't it wonderful how our minds work!