Saturday, 26 January 2008

Some Answers and Some Stitching

Bonfieldjane: Yes the white stitching is padding. This is a cotton thread and a different number of strands can be used to create different thickness of padding. There are also two areas of orange padding; this is called self padding, where the same thread that will be used for the final stitching is used for the padding.

Mary: The fabric is silk. I don't know exactly what type of silk but is looks very similar to the Nishijin that I used for the Flutterbys. It has a reasonable weight to it and is quite densely woven with a prominent weft thread. It is essential that the fabric is very taught in the frame and the Japanese frame is designed to achieve this. I expect that it is described in your Japanese Embroidery book but your comment has prompted me to do a post on the frame soon.

Candi: You're comment was no email, so I will say here, I am sending the strongest encouragement vibes I can to help you succeed with your challenge to give up smoking.

I progressed the chrysanthemum more than I expected to. I'm not totally satisfied with the stitching but given the difficulty level of this motif I think that I may have done it as well as I can at this time. There are so many things to get right with this. The angle of the stitches has, which is more difficult to determine over padding; the spacing of the stitches; maintaining the twist on the thread; the shape of the petals; and a one point open space between petals. This is definitely the most difficult thing I have stitched so far.

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Happy Stitching


Jane said...

Hi Carol, think this is looking good, I had a look at the bigger version of the picture and I think it works. As you say some of the twists aren't the same, but you have had some time away from this and it is only phase 3 so plenty of time for more practice. Of course digital photos (however great for our blogs) are very unforgiving of errors since we get such close up images!
I hope you enjoy the rest of this one, it was (and still is)one of my favorites and the one where I really felt like I was starting to achieve something.
Keep it up.

Anonymous said...

Hi Carol I agree with Jane I think it is looking great and I can't wait to see it finish. To date it is my farvorite piece as well. But do keep putting picture on your blogg it is lovely to see how you are getting on.

Happy stitching Sue