Tuesday, 29 January 2008

The Golden Couple

Sequana: In my eagerness to wrap the picture, I forgot to take a photo first. Nor did I take one of my parents with the picture, but just for you, here is a picture of them at their Golden Wedding Anniversary party. We didn’t have many sunny days in the UK last summer, but the day of their party was a perfect English summer’s day.

Paula: When I showed my sampler to Dad he said, "This doesn’t looked cobbled together to me!" He has told me many times that he had to darn his own socks, I guess his mother was not as keen with a needle as my maternal Grandmother.

I am eagerly anticipating the February challenge details for Take it Further. I really enjoyed the January challenge, not only doing my own sampler, but also watching every one else developing their ideas and translating them into a finished design. I have been really impressed with every ones work and their willingness to share even when they were not entirely happy with their own progress. Last time I looked 149 members had posted 365 pictures to the Flickr album and their are already dozens of finished January Challenge Pieces in the Take it Further blog and many more links to be found on Sharon’s blog in this post here.

Included in the kit from the Plimoth Plantation were materials and instructions for a scissor keeper. This was a 'quick' project to fill the gap while I think about which project to start next.

The butterfly is stitched in some of the stitches used on the sampler. The pink wings are stitched in detached buttonhole needle lace so that they are proud of the background embroidery. I added a narrow wire to the edge to help keep their shape.

The cord is hand made from DMC floss. I used a whole skein to make a 3 ply twist. I made the tassel from a second skein of the same floss. I like big tassels but I think this one may be a bit too big for this little medallion. I will leave it for now; I can always shorten it later if I decide it is too long.

I am eagerly watching The Embroiderer’s Story blog for news of when the new Gilt Sylk Twist goes on sale. I want some! I think they are delaying its release just to tease us!

If you can get to Manchester this weekend why not go the Stitch & Creative Crafts Show at Manchester Central (GMEX). While you are there, visit the Japanese Embroidery Stand and say hello to Jane, Sue and Dennis for me.

Happy Stitching


Sequana said...

They look so SWEET and happy together! It's wonderful to be together that long.

Thx so much for putting the pic up for me. *S*

Margaret said...

Your Plimoth butterfly is wonderful! I am so impressed with your stitching. I've been swamped lately and finally have time to let you know that I love your 'big' butterfly project. It has been an honour to watch your progress. Thank you for sharing it with us.