Tuesday, 22 January 2008

January TIF - Stitching 5

I thoroughly enjoyed the weaving type darning. I had pulled the carried threads too tight and the linen has ballooned on the reverse, I think it also caused the lines of stitching to distort on the right side. A lesson learned for next time.

As I expected, the colours affect each other in different ways. Where they cross themselves, the hue is, of course, most saturated. I would have expected the darker shades to dominate as the stripes created by the deep green and purple do. However, in the squares that combine a pale colour with a dark colour, the brightness of the paler colours sometimes counter-balances the darker colours.

I have used different weaving patterns - partly to experiment with the patterns and partly to see how that affects the colours. Each colour combines with every other colour twice but with a different weave pattern in each case. It surprised me how much that affected the colour values. In the two outer stripes, where I stitched 2 over/2 under in alternating pairs, the colours are balanced with neither dominating. However in the two stripes beside these, the vertical colour, which is stitched in single rows of alternating 2 over/2 under, appears more dominant in most cases. In the central stripe, the darker colours appear more dominant, here I have stitched 1 over/1 under. In this macro shot, the separate colours show clearly but viewed with naked eye the colours merge more, particularly were two pale colours or two dark colours cross.

I really like the plaid effect created by the weaving.

Happy Stitching


Maria del Valle said...

What patience friend! I really like the effect they have each colors to the others. I tried to work with the palette but I could not.

jacqui said...

This is a great way to learn about colour and their values but I admire your patience, I am not sure I could do it.

Jane said...

Hi Carol, all looking good.

I've put you on my list for the 'Make my Day' award.