Thursday, 29 March 2007

TAST Couching

I really like couching, in fact, I would nearly go so far as to say it is my favourite technique. Whilst I was stitching, I was wondering why I like it so much. Perhaps it is its versatility; there is no thread that you cannot couch. All those gorgeous knobbly threads and bright shiny metallics that would disintegrate if you attempted to stitch with them - couch them. And why stop at thread; if you can't stitch through it, stitch over it - couch it. There is no shape that you cannot couch; from the neatest straight line to the tightest curves; if you can draw it, you can couch it. But I think for a slow stitcher like me the real attraction is speed stitching. Now speed is not everything, but when you are used to taking a year to complete a project, being able to work up a design in one evening is exhilarating.

Having gone on about all the exciting things that you can couch, you may be disappointed to see that I have used none of these. I have established a theme for my TAST projects and I like to stay "on theme". The central circle is bayeaux stitch; the layer of satin stitch is held by perpendicular rows of couched thread. The circle is outlined by strung beads, the thread is couched between the beads. The lattice is simply perpendicular rows of laid thread couched where they intersect with small crosses. The other circle is a pair of threads (tapestry wool) couched in a spiral and the border is narrow satin ribbon couched with a combination of Cretian and Chevron stitches.

I like this little design, it was fun to work and I am pleased with the finished article.

Part of the excitement of this challenge is exploring stitches, both those that you are familiar with and those you have never worked before, but it is equally exciting to THINK about your stitching. I say again, thank you Sharon for introducing this challenge and all the effort you put into it for our benefit.

Happy Stitching


Elizabeth said...

You made me laugh when you mentioned my secret reason for loving to couch thread -- nothing fills up a empty space faster for me. Of course, I agree with all your other praises of couching, too. Nice work on your piece!

Vivian said...

Wonderful variations of couching and they all add up to a beautiful design!
One question: what type of fabric do you use. I presume you work in a hoop?

coral-seas said...

This is worked on felt. The more I use felt, the better I like it. Sometimes I use waste canvas with it to keep my stitches even. Yes, I do nearly everything in a hoop.


Peticelul Romanesc said...

A very beautiful design, and I think you were very inspired! Corina

Nancilyn said...

Your design is lovely, carefully thought out and followed through with beautiful stitching.

Allison Ann Aller said...

Lovely, sophisticated work here!

Thanks so much for visiting my blog and leaving such a nice comment, esp. about my uncle...
The TAST is so large that I don't feel like I "know everybody" your comment led me to you, and I am so glad!