Sunday, 1 April 2007

Bridesmaid's Dresses

A friend's daughter is getting married in May. I am making dresses for 2 of the bridesmaids. The dresses are technically quit simple and I enjoy dress making but I get quite stressy when I make things for other people, especially when they have laid out a lot of money for the fabric. Over the last 3 weekends I have spent one day working on the dresses and I had hoped today I would get them finished all bar the hems. I didn't that far but then I always do under estimate how long something will take me. I have made up both dresses but still have to insert the linings.


fleegle said...

Dear Coral Seas--

I will be teaching a Japanese Embroidery class in London in August. Do you know Harriat George or Jean Julier? They are sort of in charge of organization.

Love to see pictures of your embroidery. I can't post much because of political reasons that are too complicated to explain.

ps. the angle on your padding needs to be a bit steeper.

coral-seas said...

Hi Fleegle
No, I don't know either of those ladies. Good luck with your class in August. I regret that I will not be able to attend, all my holiday time this year is spoken for. Thank you for the advice on my paddy. I appreciate you taking time to observe and comment on my progress.