Sunday, 8 April 2007

Rod End

© JEC/Carol-Anne Conway

I've been doing plenty of sewing lately but not much embroidery and no work on Venerable Friends at all. I was having withdrawal symptoms and needed a fix. I could only spare a couple of hours as I have a very busy schedule this weekend, but it was better than nothing. I decided to work on the end of the rod as it is quite small and 'doable' in a short time. That way I would not be so tempted to do a bit more and a bit more.

The oval end is embroidered with a pair of gold threads couched round and round with red couching thread - the same technique I used on the end vein of Suehiro. I remembered that I had not got the pairs of threads touching and left gaps in places. This time I concentrated of making sure the threads were tight to each other and I am more satisfied with my work. It is only a small area but I think it looks good. The ends will be sunk to the back when all the embroidery is completed.

On the edge of the oval area I have couched a single strand of the karayori that I twisted in Bournemouth. It looks even better couched to the silk ground than it did twisted around the glass, the rope like twist really shows up well. The ends of the karayori will also be sunk and finished later.

Happy Stitching

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