Monday, 9 April 2007

Taking a Break

A couple of months ago J and I received an invitation to a Hindu wedding in Northern India. We decided to accept the invitation and to stay an extra week to tour some of the area. On one hand I am very excited about it all but on the other, it hardly seems real and I can't believe we are going. Well, it is real and today is the day. Our bags are packed and we leave for the airport in two hours. How exciting is that?

I think this holiday will be completely different from an holiday I have been on before but I am trying not to get any preconceived ideas of how it will be. I just want to go and soak up all that India has to offer. I would really like to blog the experience day by day, but I don't know if we will have internet access or, indeed, time in our very busy schedule. So, I'm taking a break from blogging for two weeks.

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