Sunday, 4 March 2007

Gold Leaf Holding Stitch

As some of the foundation stitches are quite long, they need some form of holding stitch. On this element they will be held with diagonal holding stitch. First I twist a 1-2 thread. A length of green silk used for the foundation is divided into four. Two sections are undertwisted before they are overtwisted together. The final thread is even finer than one of the original quarters as a result of twisting.

Long diagonal stitches are stitched across the entire foundation area at an angle that best ‘hides’ the holding thread in the twist of the foundation threads. The holding stitches are themselves held with short stitches in the same fine twist. This technique is similar to Bayeux Stitch except in this case the intention is for the holding stitches to hardly show. In Bayeux Stitch the holding threads are a decorative feature.

© JEC/Carol-Anne Conway

Now, I am rather excited. My Japanese Embroidery course begins tomorrow. Later today I will travel down to Bournemouth for 5 days of uninterrupted stitching heaven. Anyone who has ever been on a residential course or a stitching retreat will appreciate how wonderful it is to totally indulge yourself in doing exactly what you want without the inconvenience of work, shopping, cooking, cleaning …. The only thing that stops you stitching is the annoying problem of having to eat or sleep occasionally! This will be the third time I've been, so I am looking forward meeting up with friends and talking to others who share my passion for embroidery rather that look at me rather quizzically when I talk enthusiastically about it. The only down side is five days apart from J. His week, of course, is entirely different. He gets to do my share of the housework which includes the thing he least likes doing – cooking. I hope to blog my progress while I’m away, if I can put my needle down for long enough and I can get an internet connection at the hotel. If not, I’ll be back in a week, until then,

Happy Stitching

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Melissa said...

Have fun! Can't wait to see what you do when you get back!