Saturday, 3 March 2007

TAST Fly Stitch

I am getting a little behind with TAST but finally I have finished my Fly Stitch sampler. This is not a stitch that I knew much about beyond the basic Fly Stitch. I started by looking at Sharon's Stitch Dictionary to see what variations there are and then started exploring.

I've worked on 18 count canvas with Broder Medicis. I started with a row of open Fly Stitch followed by a row of closed Fly Stitch. I love the braid effect of the closed stitches and looking at it now, wish that I had tried this with alternating colours instead of a single colour.

The next few rows are experiments in making patterns with the stitch by combining them vertically or horizontally, either in the same direction or alternating the direction. I love the different patterns that this creates. I especially like the honeycomb effect in the green thread and the red squares below that.

The final few rows are variations of Reverse Fly Stitch, Threaded Fly Stitch and Wrapped Fly Stitch.

Once again I have really enjoyed exploring the stitch, discovering the patterns and effects that can be achieved with a deceptively plain stitch.

Get well soon Sharon. I think that we are all missing you, but want you to take all the time you need to recover fully.

Happy Stitching

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