Thursday, 15 March 2007

TAST Up and Down Buttonhole and Barred Chain Stitch

With putting so much time in to finishing Phase II and then a week away on my course, I have not done much for TAST recently so tonight I've done a little TAST stitching. This weeks challenge is Up and Down Buttonhole, a stitch that I had tried for the first time on my buttonhole sampler back in week 2. Here is a detail of that stitch.

Instead of exploring this further I took a look at last weeks stitch, Barred Chain Stitch. I have never done this stitch before so first looked at Sharon B's stitch dictionary. I have done both chain stitch and twisted chain stitch so I thought this would be a doddle. I decided to add a border to my chain stitch sampler using waste canvas to keep me on the straight and narrow. I don't know about twisted chain stitch, I certainly got something in a twist. I took me several attempts to get going and then I every so often I would go wrong again. I think nearly every bit has been unpicked at least once.

Now I have completed the border, I like the way it looks. I would like to try alternating barred chain stitch but not tonight.

Happy Stitching


Nancilyn said...

I agree, a very pleasing design. And btw your chrysanthemum is stunning!

coral-seas said...

Thank you, nancilyn. I hope that the finished chrysantemum will be stunning, it is a rather impressive focal point on this design and I want to do it justice.


floresita said...

That looks beautiful! I love especially the colors you used - and the stitching is gorgeous! :)