Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Cord #1

Although the box chart suggests cord #8 is worked next, any of the remaining cords except for #3 could be started at this point. For no particular reason I started cord #1.

Double central, braided looks like the most complicated of the cords. In fact, once the pattern is established, I found it one of the simplest to work, although getting starting was a little complicated.

I didn't dislike all the colours in my palette. I am very happy with the red, 108, which is a deep, rich crimson that looks stunning with the gold. This cord is stitched in 108 using two strands of flat silk.

Except for where it passes under the start of cords #2 and #3, which are already stitched, this cord lies on top of the others so I was able to stitch the entire cord as far as the tassel.

© JEC/Carol-Anne Conway

As Sue commented on the previous post, the joy of cords is watching the braid appear from your stitches.

Happy stitching.

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