Sunday, 27 December 2009

The Beginning of the Ends

I've turned the frame! That feels like the half way mark but in fact I have done considerably more that half. I've stitched each of the cords beyond the center of the fabric, which means that I have done at least two thirds of each and all of the prep is completed, so Himotaba is a least two thirds complete. I estimate that I have 20-30 hours stitching remaining.

Usually I am eager to turn the frame but this time I was hesitant. I had got used to stitching the cords top right to bottom left. I thought that when I turned the frame I would have to stitch on the opposite angle but in fact turning the frame 180 degrees does not alter the stitching angle at all.

I have been looking forward to finishing the cords. I don't mean completing Himotaba but rather finishing each individual cord. I like how they fade away.

© JEC/Carol-Anne Conway


Sue said...

Wow my stitching friend you have done amazing and the stitching and colours are amazing. Enjoy stitching the rest of the design. Sue XX

Ruth O'Leary said...

I'm reading your blog for the first time today, but I'll definitely be a regular from now on! I know very little about Japanese embroidery, apart from as an admirer, so I'm fascinated to read about your project. The woven effect of the cords is terrific.