Friday, 25 December 2009

Merry Christmas

Earlier this month I passed my third anniversary of blogging. In those three years I have made so many new friends around the world from many different countries and cultures.

'Christmas' has become such a big festival that I am sure most of the world is aware of it, even if it has no significance in their culture.

For me, Christmas is a celebration of Joy and Goodwill and I have found both in abundance within the stitching community. The Joy is in my own stitching and all the lovely stitchy creations I have seen on the blogs and forums I read. The goodwill is in the comments I have received or read on other blogs, the tutorials, the tips, advice, gifts and swaps exchanged or freely given. It is hard to imagine a more generous, friendly or appreciative community than this.

Whatever you believe in, whether or not you celebrate Christmas, whenever your New Year begins, I wish you Peace and Joy today, and for the coming year. Above all, I thank you for the friendship and goodwill you have given to me.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to All.


Elmsley Rose said...

And to you too :-)
Thankyou for the enjoyment (and education!) your blog has given me.

Tracy said...

Happy holidays to you too! I enjoy reading your blog!

Sue said...

Merry christmas and New Year to you, love your ball bubble a friend sent me a pictures of one but the colour was 474 :-)