Sunday, 29 November 2009

Cord #2

In an earlier post I wrote about the importance of stitching the cords in the correct order. The box chart says to start cord #2 and then begin cord #3. These are done in "imitation wicker" and "single central braided" respectively, the two cords that I learnt on Suehiro. Given how apprehensive I was feeling about this Phase, it was a relief to begin with something familiar.

Cord #2 is done in a 4-1 twist of 417, leaf green. My two favourite colours are green and purple. I love nearly every shade of green except acidy, limey greens and the more olive shades. 417 is an olive green and taken in isolation I found it very unappealing. However, when I began to stitch I saw how beautifully it complimented the gold fabric.

© JEC/Carol-Anne Conway

Cord #3 is also done in a 4-1 twist, this time in 648, a colour that the Japanese Embroidery Centre call burgundy but one I would describe as plum (although, interestingly, when I look at it in artificial light it appears more burgundy). Again, I love nearly all shades of purple but did not find this particular shade very appealling.

© JEC/Carol-Anne Conway

Although, you begin with these two cords, and have to stitch beyond where they pass over cord #1, you have to stop stitching them before they pass back under it.

Happy Stitching


Sue said...

Love the colours and it is looking beautiful and I am glad you are enjoying stitching cords. I love them I find myself getting lost in them I love the way the braids build up from your stitches. Love Sue XX

Anne Stradal said...

So very glad you left a birthday message on my blog so I could find you! Your beading is exquisite! Now that I've found you, I plan to stick around and watch you do wonders!