Saturday, 13 February 2010

Inching Towards the Finish Line

The finishing line is definitely in sight. It's not that I have had enough of this Phase but as a project nears completion I feel a strong urge to get it finished. Added to that, my next Japanese Embroidery class is in 3 weeks time and the piece I am stitching at Phase VI is at the very top of my wish list. I am trying to keep that out of my mind, stay focused on this Phase, and not rush the little that remains.

Today was a good stitching day, apart from the odd reverse stitch here and there, everything has moved forward.

As well as using gradually finer threads, partial or missing stitches are used to create the effect of fading out.

I had thought that the fade out on cord #3 would be particularly impressive. As it turned out, the colour of the thread is so close to the back ground that the effect is a little lost. Even so I am pleased with it. The colour of the cords above and below it are really strong; I like this quiet spot between them.

© JEC/Carol-Anne Conway

Just a few stitches were needed to finish cord #5. Even thought this is stitched in flat silk, the same techniques are used to fade out the end of the cord. The bulk of the cord is stitch with 2 strands of flat silk. Through the last 2-3 inches this decreased to 1.5, 1 and finally half a strand of flat silk.

© JEC/Carol-Anne Conway

The ends of both of these cords pass under other cords. It is important to compensate for the section of cord that is not visible for the fade out to look realistic.

Two more cords finished. The finishing line is definitely in sight.

Happy Stitching


Rachel Cotterill said...

Beautiful - I love the fade effect :)

Mary Corbet said...

Oh, wow. This is so beautiful, Carol-Anne! I can't wait to see the whole piece! I love the way the ropes fade off....

Sue said...

Well done looking beatiful can't waot to see the tassle Sue X