Monday, 16 June 2008

May TIF - Lace 2

For the second piece of 'lace', I used the same method as for the first. This lace was much simpler to chart and the simple lattice foundation was easy stitching. I used a 2 into 1 twist of DMC floss throughout on this lace.

When the foundation stitches are in place the threads of the waste canvas are removed before the decorative stitches are added.

On a fabric crazy quilt block the lace adds interest and varies the texture. On my stitched block it serves the additioal function of stabilising the long foundation stitches that create the fabric. Some of the threads that form the lattice are also rather long; I used small tie stitches where the lattice stitches cross to hold both the lattice and the foundation in place. To alter the texture, in places I used a cross-stitch across the squares formed by the lattice.

The original lace had small 5 petaled flowers. I used chain stitch to create the petals but they were not substantial enough; to give them more body I used needle weaving to turn them into woven picots.

This lace is not as 'pretty' as the first lace, but I think that it balances this corner with other elements on the design and it will have further embellishment later. I also like the colour combination of that blue on the buff background.

Happy Stitching


Anonymous said...

Hi Carole that looks lovely I can;t wait to see the next bit and the finished project. Happy stitching and I will talk to you soon Sue XX

Plays with Needles said...

I am just LOVING watching this block develop. It's fascinating to me to see what you will do with this...The lace effect is really working. Keep it up!