Monday, 2 June 2008

May TIF - Foundations 2

I can hardly believe that it is June already and Sharon has announced the next challenge. I still have a lot of work to do on May. I have already missed March, but I am really not worried about it. I’d like to do March and June but if they don’t get done, no matter. My reason for doing this challenge is to stretch myself and enjoy following a design through from conception to completion. If I complete all 12 months that will be a bonus, but I would prefer to complete one month than to start them all.


I was particularly keen to create foundations with different textures. I had high expectations that a new thread would give me a very different look to the DMC Linen and the DMC Floss used on the previous segments. I have never used DMC Satin Thread before but have read a couple of favourable reviews.

DMC Satin is a stranded rayon thread with a soft hand and incredible shimmer. I have used rayon threads before and found them difficult to handle, this thread did not cause me any of the problems that I have encountered before. I used a single strand to satin stitch this segment and I really like how it stitched out.

This thread really does give a satin effect. I am very please with how it stands out against the other segments,

The final segment is stitched with DMC Floss but this time I twisted the thread to alter the texture. This is a 2 into 1 twist and I have then used a single twisted strand to satin stitch the segment.

This is how the ‘block’ looks with all the foundations stitched.

Now I will start to embellish the block.

Happy Stitching


Anonymous said...

Hi Carol your stitching is lovely can't wait to see it. Sue XX

Jane said...

Lovely colours & nice stitching. Good practice for you JE foundations. jane

KV said...

This is outstanding already, Carol! I have used that DMC satin floss and understand your hesitation in using it, but it is the loveliest of finishes in a good design.

Kathy V in NM

MargB said...

Carol Anne
i have been reading your blog backwards! And now I can go in the right direction! The foundation of the crazy block is terrific - incredible - I run out of adjectives! The contrast of the different threads shows up so well even in a photograph - I can only imagine how good they look in real life - the difference in texture in such a flat surface is amazing, I can imagine that stitching with the twisted floss was extremely difficult? No satin floss has surfaced here yet - can't wait!