Tuesday, 3 June 2008

Beaded Bracelet

A member of the Oxford Branch of the Embroiderer’s Guild makes lovely beaded jewellery and occasionally holds beading classes.

I attended one of Ann’s classes on Saturday and made a crystal and pearl bracelet using a right angle weave.

I had done a class with Ann about two years ago when I made a crystal and pearl necklace that matches this bracelet. I learnt the right angle weave on that occasion so even though I had not used it since then, I picked up the method quite readily.

I also started a second bracelet but have very little done, so far.

When I first got up on Saturday, I had a thumping headache and very little enthusiasm for doing a class of any kind but I didn’t want to let Ann down. There were six taking the class: Kate, who I know from Embroiderers’ Guild and who also did the necklace class I mentioned earlier, two friends of Kate’s - Sarah and Bethan, and Nadine, a jewellery maker who had attended a different class with Ann. Ann told us that the sixth lady, who had attended the same class as Nadine, would be joining the class a little later. In fact we were still selecting materials and just settling down when she arrived. I had my back to the door when she came in and Ann introduced Angela to the group. When I turned around to greet her, I was totally amazed to see a really good friend of mine. Angela and I worked together for 10 years and have stayed in touch over the 10 years since we were made redundant. Angela has always been interested in jewellery but not in making her own until she saw Ann’s work at a craft fair and enquired about her classes.

It always amazing me that everyone produces such different results even though we are all making the same thing.

The top braclet is Sarah's see embellished hers with seed beads between the crystals. Bethan embellished her green bracelet with pink swags, Bethan is just 13, I love the way young people are so unconstrained and simply go for it. Speedy Kate add two extra rows of crystals and pearls to make a wide cuff. I added just one extra row of crystals and pearls to mine. Nadine brought with her a beautiful selection of crystals in shades of green and fresh water pearls to make her braclet. Hers and Angela's lovely blue bracelet (which would go perfectly with my denim skirt) stayed true to Ann's directions but I don't think she minded the rest of us rebelling!

My headache remained with me all day, but sharing the day with like minded people, doing the things we enjoy, always lifts the spirits and the unexpected pleasure of spending time with Angela made the day extra special.

Happy Stitching


Anonymous said...

What a lovely braclet I bet you will enjoy wearing it. I will talk to you soon. Sue XX

Anonymous said...

Lovely. I actually was drawn to the green one Bethan made - perhaps because the colours areones I like. I'm glad you had a good time, despite your headache. I wanted to let you know that I attended the Brisbane embroiderers guild exhibition as saw some phase 2 and 3 Japanese embroidery -it was stunning - i now have a much better appreciation of your work.

MargB said...

Your beading is special too

KV said...

The bracelets are lovely!

Kathy V in NM