Tuesday, 24 June 2008

May TIF - Embellishment 1

Time to embellish! All of the beads for the blue lace were purchased to match those on the original as closely as possible. There were also some very pretty pink beads that I was unable to match so I used some clear flower sequins that I purchased in India. They are very pale pink but that is completely lost against the blue lace; in fact the sequins hardly show up at all but they catch the light and add a little sparkle. I altered the arrangement of the copper seed beads slightly to fit the scale of my block. The blue flower beads below the picot leaves are beautiful and I am slightly disappointed that they do not stand out more.

The embellishment on this seam treatment is very simple. The blue bi-cones stand out really well on this paler blue ribbon.

I whipped the main stems of the feather stitch vines to try to emphasis them more then added pressed glass flowers.

I still think that this is a little lost against the background.

Happy Stitching!

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