Friday, 26 October 2007

Fairy Shoes

Two weeks ago, I went to a workshop organised by the local branch of the Embroiderer’s Guild. I always thoroughly enjoy these days, of course for the new and fun things that I learn from the tutor and other attendees, but not least because I get to spend a whole day doing what I like best in the company of other stitchers.

In this workshop, led by Annette Emms, we made Fairy Shoes and it could not have been more fun. It always amazes me that, given the same starting point, everyone in the class produces something totally unique.

Before the class, the Bravery Fairy told me that she would like for me to make a pair of shoes for her to give to a little girl who has had a lot of hospital visits lately. I hope both the Bravery Fairy and the little girl like what I am making for them.

Happy Stitching


Charlene said...

How beautiful!! Does she have a blog or website?

KV said...

What an incredibly lovely idea!!! I adore those fairy shoes you are making -- what is the size of these beautiful things?

Kathy V in NM

Lin Moon said...

What fabulously cool shoes! And what a great opportunity to embellish! These are wonderful!

neki desu said...

oh lovely, lovely shoes!

Thanks for stopping by my blog. And you're right star sparkle

neki desu

Sue said...

Hi Carol love the shoes finally found some shoes too small for my feet. See you soon Sue

morvoren said...

These shoes are such fun to make arnt they. I have made them with a couple of women at our local west Country embroderers guild.
One member placed them all in a shadow box and look great.
Thanks for sharing.