Sunday, 14 October 2007

Comfort Me Doll - Nearly Done

Oh no, I am beginning to find this bead embroidery a little addictive. I just want to keep adding more and more beads, but I am coming to a point where I think I am in danger of over doing it. That is another aspect of design that I find difficult, when is a piece finished?

I filled the petals and leaves with seed beads using a stitch that, in embroidery, I know as seeding, I don't know if it is called the same in bead embroidery. I like the way that it fills the shapes without making them overly heavy. I also like the way the beads sparkle when they are randomly scattered in differing directions.

Happy Stitching


KV said...

This is quite beautiful. The colors are peaceful and loving, and the beading is so wonderfully delicate in appearance.

The beading will be done when YOU think it is done . . . or, when the beads tell you it is done!

Keep on enjoying the process!

Kathy V in NM

Elisabeth Braun said...

I sympathise! Deciding when a project is really finished and embellished to the optimum level is really hard. I think learning that skill makes the difference between an average person interested in textiles and a real artist, or what do you say?