Sunday, 7 October 2007

Comfort Me, Doll

I’m not normally given to melancholy moods, but at the start of this week I found myself on an emotional low. I have been feeling physically low for a while and a throat infection last week put paid to any energy I had in reserve. Monday morning I fled a weekly departmental meeting in tears. Tuesday, I fell asleep during a seminar and on Wednesday I over slept and was two hours late for work. You could say I’ve had a bad week.

Not only was I feeling very emotional, but also my confidence has been severely dented. I was so unsure about myself that I have not even picked up the needle to work on Flutterbys. Thankfully, I did stop myself from ripping out the purple foundation that I stitched last week until I am in a better frame of mind.

I always appreciate any comments left on my blog but this week they have meant even more to me, so again I would like to thank everyone who takes time to read and especially those who stop to comment, it means a lot.

My week has not been totally devoid of stitching, I’ve been amusing myself with another comfort doll. Inspired by the amazing bead embroidery that I have seen on the blog for the Beaded Journal Project, I’ve taken my first tentative steps into bead embroidery. My attempt is not very inspiring but it has been therapeutic for me to sit quietly in the evenings with a pile of beads in my lap, stitching them to my doll, one bead at a time.

Happy Sttiching


Sequana said...

It sounds to me like YOU need the comfort doll more than anyone right now.

Oh pls, don't do any ripping on the Flutterbyes while you're in this mood.......*hugs*

Hideko Ishida 石田英子 said...

Dear Carol,
Sometimes we have such time when everything goes unwell. I hope you have a better week. Hideko

Maggie R said...

Carol, I hope by now you are feeling better. We all have times like that . I guess a bump in the road every now and then makes us really appreciate the good times.
Remember every cloud has a silver lining :0) Sending big hugs to you,