Saturday, 25 August 2007

Silver Body

The thing that I find most challenging is stitching with metallic threads. You can only stitch with the fine gauge threads; heavier one have to be couched onto the surface. However fine, I find that metallics have a life of their own and need very delicate handling. I am stitching with a double strand of #1 silver. In my hands the pair of threads twist around each other so that they do not lay nicely; f I try to pull them through the fabric too quickly, or do not keep the thread under tension, it kinks; and if I get a little tetchy and tug too sharply, the silver shreds leaving me with the silk inner core.

Trying to do satin stitch over padding, in metallic silver, was nearly a challenge too far for me. First, I stitched the head. This went relatively smoothly; the threads had not started misbehaving and I was nearly in control. I then stitched the first and second segments of the body. Like small children on a car journey, I think the threads had become bored and started to fight with each other and with me. I persevered but was really not happy with the results and immediately removed it. My second attempt was a bit improvement, not as good as I would like it but I fear that the silk background would not stand a third attempt; this is as good as it is going to get. I did not pad the last body section (each section has progressively less padding) and the stitching when more easily, this may be in part because I was using a fresh strand of thread.

© Jennifer Ashley Taylor/Carol-Anne Conway

Next time I stitch with metallics, I will use shorter lengths and I think I will try using a single stand.

Happy Stitching

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Janey said...

Wow, your butterflies are growing really quickly, looking forward to the next 'issue'. Re the silver thread I've had problems stitching metalics too and have found it easier to stitch #1 & #2 metalics with shorter threads even if this means starting and stopping more. I have one of those plastic thread holders & use half a length half hitched into a number 10 needle. This means that I'm only using a quarter of the full length and the number 10 needle helps the threads spread out.
Will we see the butterflies in October?