Monday, 8 January 2007

TAST Herringbone

Yesterday, I did a lot of stitching, or rather, I spent a lot of time stitching. As I am so slow, a long time spent doing something does not necessarily result in getting a lot done. In the morning I made a cord for the phone pouch I am making. I still have to make the finished CQ into a bag. In the afternoon, while J watched Man U play football, I worked on my Japanese Embroidery (more on that soon). As I needed to do quiet a bit of marking out and preparation, I didn’t get very much stitching done. Finally, in the evening I spent a little time on TAST. I had worked a couple of rows of herringbone in DMC perle cotton 8 on linen on Thursday. I wanted to see how the stitch would look wider or taller and narrower. I used the same threads but this time stitches I worked a shorter stitch in DMC perle cotton 12 over the wider stitches.

Next I wanted to experiment with layering the stitches. I used four different colours and worked them one at a time, stepping each progressive layer one thread to the right of the previous layers. For the next row I used the same threads but alternated between the colours making one stitch at a time. The second method was very time consuming, but to me the result is more pleasing than the first method. I do, however, like the texture of the first method and think this may be worth exploring on canvas with a heavier thread.

Finally, I took some narrow satin ribbon and wrapped the first two rows of plain herringbone. The first row, I wrapped following the path of the foundation stitches. On the second row I wrapped each strand in turn.

Happy Stitching


Melissa said...

You do such nice stitching! Very neat and crip! I love the layering! I need to go do some TAST stitching now too!

Elizabeth said...

Very nice work and some great experiments. Especially liked seeing the differences in the last two rows. (Please forgive if this is a duplicate post, Blogger seemed to swallow the first post I started.)