Wednesday, 3 January 2007

Take a Stitch Tuesday - False Start

My Partner plays bar billiards for the local team on Tuesday evening and I am usually at home alone. When SharonB announced that she would be starting a new challenge called Take a Stitch Tuesday, I immediately thought that I would join in - what better way to spend the evening. I have been really looking forward to the start. When J came home from work yesterday, he said that he didn't have a match this week. Later, he decided to go to the pub for a practice, so I would still get an hour or so to stitch in peace. J left and I got out my fabrics and threads. Just as I started to cut some linen the house was filled with youths. Two sons, two girlfriends and two mates. Never mind, they would be in another room, I could still sew. One girlfriend came and joined me and asked what I was doing. I showed her the TAST on Sharon's blog and she asked me to show her how to do herring bone stitch.

It may not have been what I had planned, but I enjoyed teaching L her first embroidery stitch. Four rows of herring bone stitch later L was grinning from ear to ear to see her handy work.


Melissa said...

I love that story! Who knows you may have just sparked another to love embroidery!

Debra Spincic said...

It may not have been what you planned but showing a young lady embroidery stitches is what will keep the handwork arts alive. Good for you!