Wednesday, 10 January 2007

TAST Herringbone 3

At the risk of being boring, I am still not entirely finished with herringbone. Today I started to set up my bloglines. At the same time I was looking to see what others had done with herringbone. I must say that I am amazed at the variety and creativity generated by one stitch (and I have only done names A-F so far). Barbara Cheeseman of embroidery overlaps mentioned an article in the Stitch magazine and this evening I dug out my copy and took another look at the article. This prompted me to add a circle of herringbone chain stitch to the circle that I created last night and to add another circle embroidered in herringbone variation stitch. My final stab at herringbone on this sample was simply to couch a ribbon with a double row in contrasting colours. Finally, I added a couple of beads that I bought in Amsterdam recently.

I was pleased when Sharon chose herringbone for the first stitch on her Take a Stitch Tuesday Challenge . This is a stitch that I felt comfortable with, it was a nice way to ease into this challenge, I thought. So I started in my comfort zone: straight lines, counted and controlled stitches. My first few rows were neat, crisp and SAFE. No wonder I enjoyed working these samples. Then I thought I would attempt to move outside my comfort zone and add some curves. To my surprise, I enjoyed working the circles and the paisley motif even more than the straight lines. I found herringbone to be very flexible and manipulative. It flowed easily into the shapes I wanted to create and behaved impeccably. I thought that I knew this stitch, but through exploring it and looking at how others interpretated the stitch, I have learnt more about it. I guess that is the point of this challenge: expanding on our existing knowledge. Thanks, Sharon, for coming up with this challange and all the hard work that you have put into it.

Happy Stitching


Chelle said...

Wow, that's incredible! Love what you did with the herringbone.

jonboy18 said...

Thank you, Chelle