Monday, 1 January 2007

Phone Pouch Update 2

I've been to Amsterdam for a few days to stay with my partner's sister. We had a lovely time, as we always do, but I wasn't able to do any stitching for the whole of the Christmas period until this evening. Now I've embroidered for about 3 hours and feel much better. I finished the final seam but with a different thread to the one I had originally planned to use. Then I added beads to most of the seam treatments. In her blog at Kitty and Me Designs, Pam Kellogg said that adding the beads is her favourite part because they "add light,depth and dimension". I think I would agree with that. I have added a butterfly to one corner, a bow to an other and embroidered a "K" for the recipient in the top left corner. I think I have done enough embroidery on this pouch now and hopefully will make it up tomorrow.

Tomorrow is my last day off work for the Christmas break and I plan to spend the entire day working on a piece that I have been working on since February of last year. I will not finish it tomorrow but hope to get a fair amount done as I want to finish it soon. Tomorrow is also the start of SharonB's Take A Stitch Tuesday and I plan to do some stitching for that in the evening.

Happy Stitching

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