Wednesday, 26 September 2007

Shibori Samurai

I would like to include a picture of the Kimono that inspired the design of this butterfly but I think that would contravene copyright rules. The kimono is called Hana utsuroi (Transient Flowers) and Shizuka Kusano describes her embroidery as follows
Butterflies have been added using shibori appliqués to make them stand out and appear to float over a plain where wisteria and wild pinks bloom in profusion. The butterflies with floral patterns on their wings gradually merge with the flowers, becoming one with them as they move towards death.
As described, the whole of the background is covered in a profusion of flowers. The butterflies to the right have both wings appliquéd with shibori fabric and are outlined in gold metallic thread. In the center, only one wing of each butterfly is appliqué, the other is embroidered with flowers similar to the background. Both wings of the butterflies on the left are embroidered with flowers and although the wings are outlined with gold metallic, the butterflies gradually merge with the background.

This was a bold design choice for me, but I am really pleased with how it has worked out. On one side the black and white Hitta-gake reflects my Father's rigid views and though parenting style; the other represents his love of not only flowers, but the world around him, that he passed down to all four of his children. More than that, it represents the passion, loyalty and strong sense of family that we also inherit from him.

© Jennifer Ashley Taylor/Carol-Anne Conway

I still have the antennae to embroidery but I want to complete at least the next butterfly so that I can decide how heavy or light they need to be, so for now, this is finished.

Happy Stitching


Melissa said...

That butterfly is looking SO neat! You are doing such an awesome job!

Anonymous said...

Very striking !! I am really enjoying your progress on this piece. I am itching to try out some japanese embroidery -- I have a couple of friends who have taken classes. One is on Stage 9 and the other is just going to start stage 2.


Love to Stitch 99 said...

Wow, that is very pretty. Just love it.
Pierrette =^..^=

Mary Corbet said...

WOW - I love this!! I love that left wing - it's really stunning! I'll have to keep checking back. I'd love to take the JEC classes in Atlanta - some day. It's a little far from here - anyone know of any Japanese Embroidery classes in the Midwest??

Anyway, I'm adding this to my faves!

coral-seas said...

Thank you all for your comments, it is a real boost to my confidence. I like the way he worked out but am really pleased that others like him too.

My geography of America is not great, so I'm not sure which states qualify as Midwest but there is a full list of JEC qualifies tutors on their web site

KV said...

Wow! Double Wow!!! I have loved everything you have done with this piece but the stitching on this particular butterfly is mind-blowing!

Kathy V in NM

Anonymous said...

When I originally read this comment with the reference to the Fine Art of Kimono Embroidery -- my clickie amazon finger ordered the book for me. It was on my list - but a bit further down because it's a 'picture' book not an instructional book.

I received it a few days ago and just now had the time to go back to see what your reference refered to.

I think you did a great job with the technique you were trying to capture.

This is a truly wonderfuly book the close ups of kimono embroidery are just 'gorgeous'.

Thanks for moving my clickie finger for me.