Sunday, 30 September 2007

Comfort Doll - Finished

Despite the difficulties with the Rajmahal Art Silk, I have thoroughly enjoyed this project. Once again, I would like to thank Robin Kingsley for giving me permission to adapt the Paisley Heart Design for this doll.

Apart from the satisfaction of stitching for a cause, I think it was the design that made it such a pleasing project. I have a couple of ideas for other ways I would like to interpret this design, so now I am really torn between a desire to get back into TAST and to do another doll.

I’ve included a couple of charms in the stuffing. The first is a new heart, in case her heart is broken. This one is a glass bead so it is still fragile but I have sewn it into a small pouch, embroidered with protective symbols to ward off evil. The second is a hand made paper bead. It has the word strength written all over it to give her inner strength. The strip of flimsy hand-made paper is wound tightly to make a firm bead; even the most delicate of things can be strong.

Happy Stitching


KV said...

Oh, Carol -- this comfort doll turned out exquisitely! Such a wonderful idea to place those charms inside. With such great meaning and intention, this doll will surely do wonders for any recipient.

Hard to make just one, right?

Kathy V in NM

Lisa Dunn said...

The comfort doll is just beautiful! And I love the charms you put inside. You inspire me to make one too.

Lisa in Mississippi

KV said...

Hope you are doing better, Carol -- thank you for the lovely comments you left on my blog.

Here's to a great week coming up!

Kathy V in NM

Sue said...

Hi Carol have a big hug from a stitching friend. I love looking at your stitching will ring you later Sue

Maggie R said...

Carol, Your comfort doll is absolutely unique. I love the design you have done on it and the idea of putting the charms inside really tickles me. It will surely be a treasure to whomever receives it.