Thursday, 20 September 2007

More Comfort Doll

I’ve been making some progress on the comfort doll, stitching in the evenings. I half wish that I had not decided to stitch it in Rajmahal Art Silk; it has been a real trial. I’ve taken several bits out and reworked them and am still not totally satisfied with some bits. Perhaps I am being over critical, as this will be a gift for someone, I want it to be the best I can do. I think that I could do better, but not with this thread. Perhaps, I should be content that I have tried my best! Would the recipient look at it and think, she didn’t do that very well?

Now that I have nearly finished the embroidery and have started to think about making up the doll, I am wondering what to stuff it with. I have never made a stuffed anything before.

Happy Stitching


pam T said...

Hi Carol-Anne. I am responding to your post on my blog that you just wrote... but I had to find out more about you first! Wow, your embroidery is beautiful! I feel so haphazard when I do my stuff... Anyway, thank you so much for your comments, you are right, art sometimes (most times for me) is just art itself. Obviously, I give more thought to this than I profess! Sometimes it just takes a mental kick in the butt to get me back into my realism.

KV said...

Carol -- You can stuff the comfort doll with any polyester stuffing. It is sold here in the US at any sewing, craft or hobby store. Generally comes in sizable packages at little cost.

Kathy V in NM (who likes your comfort doll a lot!)