Sunday, 20 November 2011

Doodle Page - Flowers

The next page to come my way belonged to Jules in Scotland. I really cannot remember what Jules’ theme was but I do know that it was related to flowers. I took my inspiration from the notelet that Elizabeth had put in with the page when she sent it on to me. It had big yellow daisies on it.

I couched a length of green silk ribbon along the stems then formed the petals with woven picots in yellow cotton floss.

I first covered the flower centres with satin stitches then added some French knots for texture.

The last thing that I added was a butterfly that I had painted some weeks before.

I was quite pleased with my doodle and felt that it fitted well with Elizabeth’s contribution.

Happy Stitching


Susan Elliott said...

How doodle-ful!!! It's terrific and it does look great with E's flower play well in the garden!

Rachel said...

Love that butterfly!