Sunday, 5 October 2008

Needlepoint Group Project 3

Area F: Bargello pattern. This is simple to stitch but I enjoy this kind of stitching, rhythmical and methodical. I also like how this area looks.

Area G: Byzantine Stitch. Like Bargello this is simple to stitch. I forms a strong diagonal pattern. The remaining squares are stitched in eyelet stitch. Another one that I enjoyed stitching and the look of.

Area H: Another Bargello Pattern. Bargello or Florentine stitch is a stepped stitch which can be worked in either a regular or irregular fashion. This is another regular pattern.

Area I: Woven Stitch. This was a fairly intricate and complicated stitch that requires counting and stitching in a specific order - right up my street. The spaces between the woven stitch are filled with a double straight stitch tied with a cross stitch. Good fun to stitch and very pretty but this area does not seem balanced with the other areas in this round.

Area J: Rice Stitch. The four outside panels are all stitched in the same way, a boarder of tied down rice stitch.

So here is the (nearly) finished panel. It has been this way for over a month. Partly because of my limited stitching in recent weeks but in reality more because I can't decide on how to finish Areas B and D. In the instructions both have straight stitches worked in a single strand of the palest shade of colour A. I worked this in Area A but found it to be too pale and insignificant. I then worked the stitches as instructed but using #1 Japanese gold thread. I still think this is too insignificant. The stitches here should not distract from the patterns in these areas but need sufficient weight to be visible.

Happy Stitching

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