Saturday, 25 October 2008

Gold Ribbon

For nearly two years I was in something of a stitching frenzy. Nearly every spare moment found me with a needle in my hand. On September 3rd all of that came to a crashing halt. I don’t know if it was inevitable burn out or whether it is a direct result of my accident. Following my enforced break I am finding it difficult to get back into stitching. Most evenings I think “I’ll do some work on that latter” but I don’t get to later.

The one project I do make time for two or three times a week is Venerable Friends, my Phase III Japanese Embroidery but surprisingly, despite my eagerness to return to silk embroidery, I have been doing any and every scrap of gold work there is on this design.

First the Higaki design on the brown foundation and later it’s outline, then the maze effect on the end of the scroll and the fuzzy effect gold. My last few sessions have been spent couching pairs of #4 gold to form a gold ribbon.

© JEC/Carol-Anne Conway

I find this type of stitching extraordinarily peaceful; I lose myself in it completely.

© JEC/Carol-Anne Conway

The gold work is finished; only silk embroidery remains. Have I saved the best for last, or have I backed myself into a corner?


Miss 376 said...

I hope you get the desire back soon, this is a stunning piece. I find so much inspiration looking at the work you produce. Know how you feel though, I went through a couple of years with very little stitching or knitting, and it feels so good to get back to it

Anonymous said...

Carole Anne it looks amazing can't wait to see it finished and I hope you get back into the swing of stitching with silk. Be careful gold and beads don't take over L Sue X

Jackie said...

Venerable Friends is coming on beautifully. I know what you mean about not getting to grips with the stitching, after my enforced 'rest' this summer I too found it difficult, but do not worry it soon comes back.


maggi said...

The gold work is beautiful. I am sure that the Sumptuous Surfaces workshop will renew your creativity. Maggi