Saturday, 14 July 2007

Soft Twist Centers

In May, I learnt that Hideko of Wind from the East was coming to the UK and would be staying in a village barely 30 miles from my home. Hideko's was the first blog I started to visit and dared to leave a comment on. I asked Hideko if her schedule would allow time for us to meet up and was delighted when she said it would. The very evening that Hideko arrived, we went out to dinner in a quaint, thatched pub. The meal was lovely, but meeting Hideko was much lovelier. A few days later, we spent nearly a whole day together when, together with my partner and Hideko's daughter we visited Newstead Abbey. I had not even heard of Newstead Abbey, home of Lord Byron, until Hideko introduced it to me and it is a fascinating historical home.

On our first meeting, Hideko gave me some wonderful gifts including a book called Summer Kimonos and the Colours of Japan. Hideko must have incredible insight for although I had not mentioned it to her, this book was on my wish list. It contains hundreds of pictures of kimonos, including close up shots of the details. The text includes descriptions of many ancient Japanese textile treatments, covering weaving, dying, painting and embroidery techniques. It is fascinating to me and I am really pleased to have it. Thank you, Hideko, for this and your other generous gifts, I treasure them and I hope we will have the opportunity to meet again one day.

One detail shot is of embroidered pinks. The flowers are embroidered with flat silk at their outer edges and softly twisted silk nearer the center. I really liked the effect and had decided to use in on my blue butterfly.

© Jennifer Ashley Taylor/Carol-Anne Conway

Now, I have to tell you that my attempt is nowhere near as impressive as those pinks in the book, however, I like it. It slightly alters the texture of the silk on that part of the wing in the way a butterfly's wing is sometimes fluffy in that area and that is the effect I hoped to achieve. I am pleased with the way this butterfly is turning out so far.

By the way, Hideko's blog is one year old today. Happy Blogaversary, Hideko.

Happy Stitching


Hideko Ishida said...

Dear Carol, I am very happy you liked the book and it is helpful for your work. When I went out downtown shopping recently, I found a new book of the series; Children's Kimono. I've ordered a copy for you. Anyway, we had a really nice time, haven't we? I never forget your warm hospitality. I hope you have a chance to visit Japan with John some time and we see again. Hideko

Anonymous said...

I loved seeing the progression of your project. I also feel better that there is someone else that takes out her mistakes and starts over. I do it frequently as long as I can see the mistake even if other don't. I love the way silk refracts the light on the wings. Thank you.