Friday, 1 February 2013

Progress Report – February 2013

I have managed to do a little stitching most mornings but never as much as I would like, of course! However, I feel I have made good progress with Pouchette. For a long time I felt that I had done just under half of the main design. Suddenly I seem to have most of the main design on side one done. I still have all of the background to seed and side two to do as well but this feels like a big step forward.

© JEC/Carol-Anne Conway

What I have not done this month is any stitching in the evenings (except one evening this week). I think that is because it has been such a dull, grey month that I am feeling S.A.D. – seasonal affective disorder or the winter blues. I’m not saying that I am depressed, definitely not, but I am totally fed-up of the greyness and feel tired and lack-lustre in the evenings. However, this week I realised that nearly a month had passed without me starting either of the projects I mentioned in my previous Progress Report and I resolved to do something about it. 'Nothing' is not entirely true; I had done some design work on the computer and purchased some supplies so there was nothing to stop me getting on with either of them. I’ve decided to do a piece for the exhibition and the other evening I transferred the design, framed up and started stitching.

© Carol-Anne Conway

I think that I should put Pouchette aside for now and make this my morning project but I am enjoying the beading so much I cannot tear myself away for it.

The bird thimble holder, which I forgot to mention last month, has not progress very much. His body is complete and I have begun to make the many, many tail feathers but because I usually work on these during the evening they have fallen victim of my S.A.D.ness. I will probably resume work on this when the lighter evenings return.

This morning was another dull, grey morning so the photographs are very poor quality today!

Happy Stitching


Rachel said...

I've been struggling to feel enthusiastic too, so you aren't alone! You've managed to make great progress with the beadwork, in spite of it all.

Cath said...

January was a particularly grey month in the UK wasn't it. At least the sun seems to be shining today. The pouchette is coming along very well. I can understand how diffult it is to tear yourself away from it - it's so addictive. Looking forward to following your progress onthe tree creeper.

Elizabeth Braun said...

They're both looking great and I would say that, unless you have a deadline to meet, just work on what you like when you like.=)