Tuesday, 5 February 2013

The Bird’s Breast

I would have liked to start with the bark. I thought that by the time I had done that, my stitching would have improved enough to tackle the bird. However, I am doubtful that I will have sufficient time to complete this project (my deadline is the middle of March). I plan to stitch the bird first and see how much time I have remaining. If I am short of time, I may have to rethink how I will stitch the bark and ivy or even abandon this project all together!

I began by stitching his breast. According to my bird book and the photographs I have seen it is white but, of course, white is never just white. I wanted to capture the shading and the shape of his body.

© Carol-Anne Conway

I stitched this during the evening using my daylight magnifier. I thought I was doing quite well! The next morning by daylight, albeit grey, miserable daylight, I could see that the colours are all off. I think that I will take this out and stitch it again. I also think that the angle of the stitches is not quite right.

Happy Stitching


Rachel said...

White isn't just white, but I think you've got the right colours here, even if you aren't satisfied with the placement.

Angela said...

He is looking handsome already, I hope you have enough time to get him finished for your deadline