Monday, 9 January 2012

Doodle Page - Japan

Of all the Doodle Pages, I think that this one was my favourite. The subject matter appealed to me of course, but I liked the scene that was developing when the page came to me.

My first thought was to do something in Japanese embroidery but I kept looking at the empty sky and thinking that I wanted to add some clouds and the sun. In the end I decided to use some of the kinsai techniques that I learnt from Midori-san. I cut masks from sticky back plastic. First I used a brush to stencil the clouds using silver paste, fading out towards the bottom edge. I then stencilled the sun with dark gold paste building up a solid covering. I make the sun look like it was shimmering I couched a twisted gold thread around the edge.

I liked this page so much I was reluctant to send it onto the next stitcher!

Happy Stitching


Elizabeth Braun said...

So, have you been out to Japan yet? What about the language (beyond the embroidery terms)? Interested in that at all?

Just curious.=) Nice pic, I like the subject matter too.

Rachel said...

It's charming - not surprised you liked it so much!

Moonsilk Stitches said...

I really like this--it's a great addition to the page. Very creative.