Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Needlework Nibble, Gobelin Stitch

The background of the strawberry motif is worked in gobelin stitch using Gilt Tambour Special. Both the stitch and thread were new to me. Tricia of Thistle Threads worked with Benton and Johnson to develop the thread for one of her teaching projects. It is subtle with little overtwist that makes it suitable for stitching the type of backgrounds commonly used in the 17th century.

There are several versions of gobelin stitch, this variation is essentially a half cross stitch worked over 2 threads. As with the queen stitch, I found working on this scale fiddly.

© Thistle Threads/Carol-Anne Conway

Most difficult for me was getting the needle into the same hole as a previously worked stitch. I think this was partly down to the needle. As Tricia suggested, I used a hand made Japanese embroidery needle. I think this is the most suitable needle for the GTS. I also tried with a tapestry needle; it was very difficult to thread the GTS through the oval eye if I used an appropriately sized needle and it was hard on the thread. However, Japanese needles have very sharp points that pierce the linen threads very easily; the rounded tip of a tapestry needle would be better suited to this type of stitch on linen. I considered sanding my needle to dull the point but they are very expensive and I couldn’t bring myself to do that unless I were to find myself doing a lot of this type of work.

That aside, I really enjoyed this project. I have learnt 2 new stitches and worked with 2 new threads, both of which I really like.

© Thistle Threads/Carol-Anne Conway

I shall now look forward to the next Nibble, which introduces another new old thread. I can hardly wait.

I wrote the first part of this post at the beginning of August but have just discovered that I never published it! I've now finished this into a key fob. I didn't enjoy the finishing and I didn't make a very good job of it, which is disappointing as the design is so pretty.

I found it very fiddly lacing that tiny embroidery over board and I trimmed the seem allowance too narrow, the linen was beginning to unravel and I had to be very careful with it. I also think that I should have made a thicker cord for the edging. I don't know why I didn't do that. I also think that the tassel, although nice, is too big.

© Thistle Threads/Carol-Anne Conway

Happy Stitching


Aida Costa said...

The effect is glorious! Sounds tedious, though. But lovely results!

Plays with Needles said...

OK, CA. I really like the bigger tassel..I think the cording is just perfect and the entire piece is charming. You've got me very curious about that gold thread and the gobelin stitch...so I'm saving this post for a while until I figure that out...

Jeanne said...

This is lovely! I like the tassel, too.

I look forward to your comments about the next Nibble, since I just finished the bugs too (and featured them on my blog). I'm curious to see if your experience with the silk purl is any different.

The Lone Beader said...

Very nice!!