Wednesday, 16 September 2009

15 Minutes and 24 Beads

This week Mary blogged about 15 Minutes and Three More Stitches. Mary is trying to stick to a rigid schedule of 15 minutes stitching a day where as I have set myself a more flexible target of doing 'some' stitching each morning before I leave for work. Mary is using a timer and stops stitching when the alarm sounds, even if there are only 3 stitches remaining. I am not the disciplined, I am always tempted to add one more bead and then one more!

Making time for a little stitching every morning is really moving this project along and the end is so close I can taste it.

When the clock told me it was time to stop stitching this morning this was all that was left to do.

© JEC/Carol-Anne Conway

If I had only three stitches remaining, I could not have brought myself to stop. I estimate there are 24 more beads needed to complete this.
will I finish tomorrow?

Happy Stitching


Christine said...

You have incredible will power. I would have finished and embarrassingly mumbled some sort of excuse when asked why I was late. Jap beading is great, and I love that wave purse you're working on.

Plays with Needles said...

I sometimes savor those last final stitches...I hate letting go of a project I've loved...I like to linger over it, even if it is the end, as long as I can because I do miss it when it's gone...

I hope you honor the ending because it is, indeed, quite beautiful.

Aploch said...

I definitely and completely agree with the way you work! I discovered morning stitching few weeks ago, and almost each day I wake up early morning to stitch 1 or 2 hours before my daily routine will start. That’s really moved my project forward and I am looking for end very soon!
Have a nice weekend!
Anna, Warsaw, Poland