Thursday, 17 September 2009

Calm Flow, finished

I only had a very short time for stitching this morning but I was determined to finish Calm Flow today and finish it I did.

© JEC/Carol-Anne Conway

Usually I savour the final few stitches, linger over them. This morning I didn't have time to linger. If I was going to finish Calm Flow today, I needed to get on with it. So I got on with it.

© JEC/Carol-Anne Conway

As I was driving to work, I felt very dissatisfied. When I have spent time with a project and enjoyed it, as I have this one, the final stitches are special. This was different. I did not feel that I had honoured our final moments together. All the beads were stitched in place but I felt that I had deprived myself of something special.

Oh how weird, earlier this evening I heard someone quote a line from a film. Whilst I was typing this post the film 'Enter the Dragon' is on the television and I heard the same line "It is like a finger pointing at the moon. Don't concentrate on the finger or you will miss all that heavenly glory." I concentrated on the finger. I missed the heavenly glory.

© JEC/Carol-Anne Conway

© JEC/Carol-Anne Conway

© JEC/Carol-Anne Conway

Fortunately the moon will rise again. Tomorrow I will spend my 'stitching time' savouring the beauty of Calm Flow and the time we have spent together.

Happy Stitching


alsokaizen said...

Calm Flow is beautiful! I like the way the smooth lines of beads are set off by the more irregularily beaded areas. I can see the currents and the eddies where they interact with one another.
I'm taking note of the way you savor the end of your projects, I think I habitually focus on the next big thing and don't take the time to honor the experience of making something...and who couldn't use more heavenly glory in their lives?

alsokaizen said...

Also those last 3 photos are absolutely yummy!

Jane said...

It is beautiful, well done. Looking forward to seeing in 'in the flesh'.

Christine said...

I feel a bit underwhelmed when putting in the last stitch on my Jap Embr pieces. The steaming/finishing process and taking it off the frame makes it feel like the end has come for me. Are you finishing the Wave purse yourself, or is it one that is sent to Japan? I finished my eyeglass case myself with instruction, which wasn't hard. I just started using it, completed it last summer. It holds my stitching glasses, of course.

Plays with Needles said...

I feel like you just did a great job of honoring Calm Flow and it looks absolutely perfect to me!! Congratulations!

Aploch said...

Beautiful work! Well done! I like those smooth beads-line and the shining surface.