Thursday, 26 February 2009

Play Days - Part 2

Over the weekend I also painted some habutae silk. I have tried this a couple of times before but I don’t really know what I am doing.

First I stretched the piece of silk onto a frame that J made for me a couple of years ago. I used Peboe SetaSilk Paint in three shades, caramel, magenta combined with a little yellow, and cyan combined with a tiny amount of black. All three were diluted with water.

On one half of the silk I dropped paint onto dry silk using a pipette. I began with caramel and added first the pink then the blue and finally added more caramel to fill any voids.

On the second half I used a sponge brush to paint the blue over the entire area. At this point I planned to let everything dry. I can be a very patient person. I can do the same task for hours on end, but I am not very good at just letting things be. After about an hour I decided to add some salt. On the spotty side I sprinkled salt everywhere; on the plain side I sprinkled salt only along the edges and left things to dry ...

... A little later I decided to add stripes to the plain half and used the pipette to drop a lines of caramel and pink paint ... and sprinkled rows of salt along the stripes. Then I left everything to dry.

Some interesting effects emerge when you add salt. In some places the colour streaked, I think this was where the paint was nearly dry.

In other places the colour has gone grainy, this seams to happen if the salt is applied to very wet paint.

I noticed also that salt crystals seem to have grown in places where no salt was applied.

When the paint was completely dry, I removed most of the salt. It had stuck to the fabric in places but was easily brushed off. I tried to leave small particles of salt, as I like the way it glistens. To set the colour, I ironed the silk with a hot iron for several minutes.

Happy Stitching

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