Thursday, 19 February 2009

... Preparation

There is one vital part of preparation that I should know by now, but still forget on occasions.
Before you do anything, read all the instructions from start to finish. Then read them again and for good measure, just before you start a step, read the relevant instructions again!
This may sound like over kill and a waste of time, but if I have remembered this fundamental rule, it would have saved me a lot of time.

The detailed instructions that my tutor sent me when I requested help stressed that a line of #4 imitation gold should be firmly couched just INSIDE the outline. The picture in my textbook shows a line of couched gold INSIDE the outline. I should have reread the instructions, or looked at my textbook, before I couched the gold metallic thread ON the outline.

© JEC/Carol-Anne Conway

So, instead of spending 5 minutes reading the instructions, and a minute or two looking at the textbook, I spent 45 minutes removing 3 hours and 30 minutes worth of couching.

As my tutor said
One good thing will come out of this salutary lesson - you will never forget again!!!
but as I said to my tutor, it’s a shame that I have not yet learnt the lesson about reading the instructions.

Happy Stitching


KV said...

Aw, don't be so hard on yourself, Carol! We all do something like this from time to time. But I have found that the time spent taking out threads or beads can be quite useful and rather meditative, too.

Kathy V in NM

Anonymous said...

Oh yes...I do charted geometrics and I have found that reading and re-reading is worth its weight in gold. I have admired japanese embroidery from afar, not sure I have the patience to give it a try. Just discovered your blog. Wonderful. I would like to put the link on my blog...OK?

Plays with Needles said...

oh honey, I have been there!! Hang in there... so far so good!

Dhivya Dilip said...

Dear Carol,
How is this cording done in Japanese Embroidery. Is there a turotial available or can you please share it.

Dhivya G

Anonymous said...

I have enjoyed studying your blogs describing your JE journey. I will be starting the Himbota Phase 5 within the next few weeks. Thanks for the hints in working it. I would like to track my time to compare to yours. Would you be willing to tell me how you tracked your time? Thanks.

Mary in Kansas.