Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Guest Speaker, Jan Beaney

I'm not terribly good at remembering names. It is not unusual for me to think that I have never heard of our guest speaker only to find that I am very familiar with their work. However, there are some 'names' in the world of embroidery that even I cannot fail to recognise. I had never met Jan Beaney before tonight but many of our branch members have, either at talks, or through workshops and courses; they hold her in high regard. From her talk tonight, it is easy to see why they find Jan so inspiring. Her observational skills are evident in her photographs, her sketchbooks and even in the very words she uses to describe her work. Her fascination with colour, light and texture is obvious and her ability to convey a sense of mood and place is remarkable.

Most of our branch meetings are well attended, but tonight we had the highest attendance of members and guests for some time. The ripple of excitement before Jan's talk was palpable. I don't think anyone left disappointed, I certainly didn't. I am doing a workshop with Jan later this year. I was already looking forward to it, now I can't wait to spend a day with this inspirational lady.

Happy Stitching

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MargB said...

You are certainly very lucky to have had a talk by jan - I lvoe her books and her style.