Tuesday, 23 December 2008

Some Time Spent with Friends

I spent this morning padding and stitching plum blossom buds.

© JEC/Carol-Anne Conway

I know that it does not look like much for a morning's work, it never does, but something much more than can be seen here was achieved. A few hours patiently working with flat silk has instilled in me a deeeeeeep, deep, sense of peace.

Over the past few weeks, I have managed a few short sessions with Venerable Friends, couching the outlines of the pages. Yesterday, I completed all but the final book and I need to embroider the motif before I can outline this book and complete the last leg of this voyage.

© JEC/Carol-Anne Conway

Normally, I enjoy couching, but I became almost bored with the process of outlining the pages. Maybe that is because I am becoming impatient to finish this Phase that has been on the frame for nearly two years now.

Happy Stitching

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